Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trying to act like the cynical, beeyotch won't work

For some reason I want attention. Guess cause I'm bored. I usually could care less and yet I want it. It's not like I don't get complimented, it's just that I don't do anything.

I need to do something before school starts. Why can't school start already. Feel like I've lost some brain cells. Just a little over a month left. Hopefully, my brain will be spared.

So dramatic, and for what. I never use any of it. Maybe I should try theater again. It was fun in middle school, high school, not at all. Oh, I know why, I don't like people looking at me. That's stupid.

Lists of things to do this week:

Get some rays, oh, sunscreen first
Buy some mascara
Look into a sonicare flexcare toothbrush
Check bank account
Work on a thank you letter for scholarship providers
Talk to mentor
Knock someone upside their head, and say it was an accident.
Get your lazy behind out of bed
Read your library books and turn them in on time this week
Belly dance
Practice you singing and acting (I suck, but I love it.)
Work on collage
Practice prayer; attempt to read some more of bible
Work on scholarships

I need to stop myself

Every week, no, every day, I decide on something, and never commit to it. It is so frustrating. How do I expect to reach any of my goals. I'm not lucking. Although, I have won more contest so far this year, than I have over the past 3 years.

Funny how when I decide I don't believe in luck, I get "lucky". No, I haven't laid up with anyone. I've simply been getting things without expecting them. It would be nice to get rid of all this belly fat, but that actually requires work. Something I know almost nothing about.

This week I was supposed to work on staying off my computer with the exception of scholarship work. Now, I'm on it, on yet another blog. Which is pointless really. I don't even have a journal, yet I'm writing a blog post.

I must be bored. I need to go out. I need to feel the sun on my back. I need to live a less dull life.

My Diet Lacks Vitamin D

The other day I was talking to my mother about taking vitamins. As usual she had something smart to say. Her remark was, 'Some people say that vitamins make them hungrier. They eat more when they're on them.'

I didn't want to be disrespectful. Although anytime I say something, it nearly always is considered disrespectful. So I didn't bother asking were she got these "facts" from. Regardless of what you say with my mother, she's always right, and no matter how wrong you think she is, it's right to her.

For years I begged her to buy me vitamins. The cute little Flintstones ones. Man I wanted those so bad. Now what's the point.

I can't remember the last time I ate an orange. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I ate anything that contained Vitamin D. No wonder I've been in such a pissy mood lately. I need the sun. Don't have any sunscreen yet. Oh well, I'm not going to hurt least I hope not.

Some people really ask for a butt whooping. (No, I'm not referring to my mother. She'd beat my behind)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to School Sweepstakes, Etc.,

Here is a list of some promotions in time for Back to School:

ZipZoomFly Back to School Wishlist Sweepstakes - (18+, Must create an account and wishlist that does no exceed $700, then submit your email address to enter) Ends Aug. 1, 2009 Prep for Back-to-School Sweepstakes - (females, age 13-24 are eligible) Ends Aug. 11, 2009

Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissue Gear Up For School Sweepstakes (Prize pictured above left) Ends Sept. 6, 2009

Little Debbie Back to School Giveaway Ends Sept. 30, 2009

Puffins Cereal Back-to-School Coloring Sweepstakes (18+, have child 5-12) Ends Oct. 15, 2009

Kraft Come Together for Back to School Instant Win Game
- (Open to residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama, 18+) Ends Nov. 27, 2009

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned all are 1x daily entry for those 18+ residing in the U.S. Be sure to check official rules to prevent disqualification.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Win Tide for a Year Plus a Nice T-shirt

The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy, is spreading the message about Loads of Hope. It's a campaign by Tide, supplies a mobile laundromat during times of disaster.

When you purchase yellow-capped tide, the Loads of Hope bottle, you are helping. You can also purchase a Loads of Hope T-shirt. I like them, thinking about getting one.


To purchase a t-shirt (not necessary to enter)
Win a year of Tide Laundry Detergent - Ends tonight (my apologies) @ 11:59 CST. Extra Entries: Yes

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contest Entry

Amazingly the Story Siren is offering yet again, another amazing contest.

Here's a list of just a few things she's giving away to one winner:

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert (PB)
Intertwined by Gena Showalter (ARC)
Initiation by Susan Fine (PB)
The Espressologist by Kristina Springer (ARC)
books for teens by Simone Elkeles bookmark
Silver Phoenix bookmark, featuring original art by Cindy Pon
Violet Wings bookmark
Ballads of Suburbia boomark

I probably haven't told you this, but another hobby of mine is collecting bookmarks. I would have entered if she was just giving those away.

I didn't say 'Lucky' winner because I'm not a lucky person and didn't want to jinx it. So the best to the one winner.

Super Cool Books Contest - Ends Sat., Aug. 1st, 2009, midnight ET. (she can and will if she feels like it, stop the contest at any time.) Extra entries: Yes

*US addresses only. If you are International, and have a friend in the US who will accept it, then you can enter. That's the only restriction I see.

Really want a Kindle

When it comes to contests. Which if you haven't noticed is one of my main hobbies; I'm usually too late, or don't have the means to enter them. Like this one they are having over at Engadget, who have partnered with Amazon and Adafruit Industries to give you the chance to win your own personalized Kindle.

It's pretty much an etch-a-sketch on the back of it. The Kindle is something I've been coveting (know I shouldn't) for months now. My mother refuses to let me purchase books, because I don't have any room for them. I am going to get ride of some, eventually.

Now, I read the entire article. It isn't showing me any love. I'm an artist, but I guess I don't have the means to enter. The entries have to be saved in EPS or Al format, black and white only, and composed of strictly vector graphics and all fonts converted to curves. Before yesterday, I had never heard - that I can recall - of any of that. I'm not a graphic artist.

I scoured the World Wide Web trying to find a free resource. I came across Inkscape, but it only saves in AVG format. Even if I found something the contest ends in a week.

All you graphic artists or people with the means should enter.

If you know of a free program that will let me save in EPS or Al format, tell me. Thanks and Good Luck (not that I believe in that). I believe in you all, though.


Design Your Own Kindle (and win it) - Ends Friday, July 24, 200, at 11:59 ET
Extra Entries: No, you can only enter once.

Win some books

I Heart Monster is giving away some books this month and the next. She has a nice interview of Julia Hoban, the writer of Willow. I haven't read it yet, but might get lucky and win a copy from her (I'm assuming she's female).

She is also giving away a copy of Prada & Prejudice. I've been seeing the cover for months, finally learned what it's about today. Combines two of my favorite genres; historical fiction and chicklit. She said it was a quick read because of Mandy Hubbard's fluid, conversational tone, and that it's fun. I will add it to my list of to be read (TBR).


Willow (a new hardcover from Amazon) - I'm not sure when it ends. Leave comment about the fantasy book you wish existed. Extra entries: Yes
Prada & Prejudice - Ends Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 2009. Leave a comment with what year you would want to end up in if you bonked your head and magically appeared in a different time. Extra Entries: Yes

Love Jewelry - Giveaway

Janie's Precious Peas is offering this lovely necklace to your left. It's called the Instant Chic, and can be found at Twisted Silver, an online jewelry retailer.

If you like this necklace you can head on over to Janie's Precious Peas to enter. As a head's up, the only requirement for entry is to go to Twisted Silver, and choose one item you like best.

After you choose head back to Janie's Precious Peas, and tell her which one.

This is going on until 9 pm est, Friday, July 31st 2009. There are four options for additional entries.

Good Luck as always.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Traveling to Teens

I've seen this website's button on several blogs the past month or so. I never thought to look at it until today, when of course, they are holding a contest. They are having several, actually.

Traveling to Teens is actually a tour of Young Adult authors. They are from several genres. The purpose is like the title denotes, getting the word out about their books to their target audience. I know, more than teens read Young Adult. If I consider this a book blog, which I don't, I would love to help promote their work.

I entered one of the contests. It's Not You, It's Me by Kerry Cohen Hoffmann. (Ends Friday, July 31, 2009)

So many people have used that line when they are breaking up. It's an example of chiasmus. Which basically means, it is you. Though, that may not be the case, that's what they are really saying.

I'm looking forward to reading the book. Hope that the main character realizes she should be working on and cherishing herself, not chasing after someone who doesn't want her.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day Debacle

Technically, this didn't occur on Father's Day. It was the following Tuesday. The reason I'm telling you about what happened then will be made clear shortly.

My sister-in-law bought my brother a late Father's Day gift. It didn't really matter, because he doesn't care too much for the holiday. (Guess he got that from Dad.) She handed him a blender.

Now the specifications are unclear, but it was high quality. He just dotted on it. They decided the very day they got it to make smoothies. No need to say, try to make, because what they made shouldn't even count as an attempt.

A strawberry and banana smoothie sounds good to anyone who likes those fruits, at first. If you tasted their misguided attempt, you'd probably never want to touch a banana in your life. That's it, banana, that is all the concoction smelt and tasted of. Then, they decided to pour snow cone juice, just because it's strawberry flavor in. Then, some cranberry-apple juice. All of that without measuring. Maybe, if they had had a book they could have pulled a semblance of a smoothie, but no such luck.

Point of post. They need a book.

Peace & Quiet is giving away 3 copies of MixShakeStir from Hachette Book Group. You can read a review of the book and enter the giveaway at Peace & Quiet.
Giveaway Ends Today @ 11:59 pm (My apologies)

Greenest iPod Ever

Thought this was nice looking. Plus I really want an iPod, especially an iPod Touch.

Through TUAW I was able to learn about the greenest iPod. Through a link that leads to the source I found the iPod to your left.

Cute, huh?

Whoever did it is pretty crafty.

Thanks Sweeties Swags - Cow Appreciation Day

I love your site and receiving your tweets.

My family rarely eats out. If we do it's usually McDonald's or Wendy's. When I see my nieces today we are going to make cow costumes. Thanks.

Cow Appreciation Day is held every year on July 10. Sweetie, cites it as being an unofficial yet nationally recognized holiday. This is my first time hearing, and thus participating in it. Sweetie, can explain all this better to you, so I won't blame you if you want me to get to the point.

Put on a full cow ensemble, and go get a free entree during any part of the day. On the site there's a pdf with a costume all ready for you.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

My #moonfruit Creative Entry

As usual the execution isn't like I envisioned it, but I think it may be too late anyways.
Do you think I would have had a chance?

All the images came from the world wide web:

the websites courtesy of moonfruit themselves

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPod Touch Giveaway 7/2009

Win a 16 GB iPod Touch in a giveaway held by Moms By Heart.

There are nine things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Each requires a separate comment in the form above the comments.

Be sure to mention that Kayla D. (Tdbttrfly - twitter name) referred you. The rules and entry form are at the Moms By Heart site.

Almost forgot! The iPod Touch giveaway ends Mon. July 6 @ 11:59 PM. Enter to win before then, and mention me. Thanks.

Win The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2

Literary Illusions is giving away the second season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. You can earn extra entries through: twitter, your blog, Digg, and if you Stumble upon it. But be warned! There is a limit of one comment per entrant. So, make sure you do everything before you comment, or else you could be disqualified.

Note: You don't have to do everything, but you need to include everything in one comment.

Here's the link: Secret Life Giveaway - Ends July 8th at 11:59

Friday, June 26, 2009

Definition of Randumb

Randumb(s) - Random posts that serve no particular purpose, that may be silly or even stupid.
Posts that have purpose, written at spur of the moment.

Randumb Kayla

I may not be brilliant, but I can be very ingenious.

From my writing I have noticed two things; I love saying 'I' and use but quite frequently. That doesn't really surprise me, considering the fact that I use the letter A (my form of cursing) which is the equivalent of A-S-S, quite frequently, despite my parents insisting on me not doing so. Can help it, but choose not to. Blame it on habit. Practice something enough, it's almost hard not to do.

You may never get to really know me, because I'm not too open. However, I am quite honest. There aren't many things I won't be truthful about. Has it's benefits, sometimes, but (yes, used it again) can also be a pain in my A.

Now this is what this post is about:

I have changed it, yet again. This time I have decided to put more of myself in it. More of my honesty. More of all the things I like, because, quite frankly it sucked before. If you know what to expect, then maybe you'll stick around. I'm just doing what makes me happy. Which is talking, entering contests, admiring beautiful things (not obsessing, unless it's a hot guy I know), photography, architecture (especially old homes), family and friends, art, and a bunch of other things I may not know that much about, but (again) like none the less.

By the way, I'm full of a lot of things, including myself (it shows more in my writing, not so much in my actions). I don't think I'm a B (B*tch) though. It's just that I know me, not as well as I like, still, I know myself better than practically anything else. Hopefully, that won't be a turn off.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still No Catching Fire Arc

Didn't win any of those contests. Boy, that really sucks. Guess I might have to actually read it, after it releases.

Luckily in my depression I have found another way for someone to win an ARC of Catching Fire, the second novel in the Hunger Games series.

Here's the link: ARC Catching Fire Contest - Get moving it ends next Tuesday (June 30)

The Shady Glade book blog is also giving away an ARC of Catching Fire. Here's the link: Shady Glade Catching Fire ARC Contest.

Mainly Contests I will enter - Laptop Contest

From this point on I am going to try and focus mostly on contests. Since it's obvious this will never be a book blog, obviously.

Today I found a Asus Netbook contest at Revive Your Life (RYL). With only a 160 hard drive and 1 GB of memory, it's sole purpose will be for email, and simple browsing. It is a netbook after all, but still a nice prize.

Here's the link: RYL Asus Netbook Giveaway

Monday, June 8, 2009

Catching Fire ARC finds

I may finally get that ARC I've been trying to get for the past few months. It's a giveaway, by random drawing, but that's better than waiting til September 1st. I'm a subscriber to YA Reads book blog. They sent me an email, and low and behold, an ARC of Catching Fire was included in it. Not the actual book, but a link to where I might get one. At the Linus's Blanket book blog you can enter to win a copy.

What are you most looking forward to in Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games?

If you can answer this you can, possibly, win.

There is another one I have found. It's from Reviewer X book blog.

Linus's Blanket Catching Fire ARC Giveaway
- Ends June 22, 2009 EST
Reviewer X ARC Catching Fire Contest - Not sure when this one will end, it depends on response. You have to place a link directly back to them.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finished: Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot

Just finished the Princess Diaries Series the other day.

Before a couple of months ago I had never read the books. I enjoyed the movies, but never considered picking any of them up. Then I went to the library one day, and decided what the heck. I wanted to see what happened between Princess Mia (HRH Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia) and Nicholas Devereaux. I wasn't disappointed to find, that that wasn't the case. I discover that I like the characters in the book more than the ones portrayed in the film.

Okay, who doesn't like Anne Hathaway or Julie Andrews, but anyone who has read the books know how much more fun they are in the series. Grandmere is hilarious and so original. It was nice for her to have a little more grit. Mia, didn't differ much from the film. If it weren't for Anne, I probably wouldn't have liked her very much.

The series is now one of my favorites. Before it I had only read a few of Meg Cabot's books. I look forward to rereading them, so I can give the best possible reviews.

May Finally Get A Bike

I entered this today. It seems like this bike could come in handy. Maybe I'll get lucky and win it. If you go to the Madsen Cycles site you'll be able to learn how it works, and how to enter.

They have a few attachments; the bucket (shown in image), wooden flatboard, and taxi seats. I couldn't really find that much about it, but you might. The least expensive of the bikes is $1,099.

You have to spread the word. Bringing traffic to the site is your entry ticket. The contest ends on July 15, 2009. Winners will be randomly selected.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Affiliate Love Project

Are you involved in affiliate marketing, or interested? Why not give to charity while you're at it. When you sign up for affiliate networks through their site, they get a percentage of your commissions for life (on top of what you already are earning) that they donate to a different charity each month. According to the site, they don't earn a dime because they exist to help people. You don't have to sign up for any networks to donate, but if you would like to, go ahead. Also, they choose a different charity every month.

I'm thinking I might do it, but I'm not much of a salesperson. There's probably more to it than that, but I figure it deals with marketing.

Now, the part I'm really excited about-a contest-isn't that hard. You go over to the Affiliate Love Project site, and follow the instructions. You have to have a Twitter account, but by now, I'm sure you might already have one. There will be a random drawing, and the winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

The Affiliate Love Project Contest
- Ends Thursday, June 18, 2009 11:59pm PST

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Found a Good Site Today

I use my GoodSearch toolbar almost everyday. Today I found a new site. At Better the you earn points for charity for performing certain tasks. The only negative I have so far is that there is a limited selection of charities to donate to. Other than that it seems fine. My username is Kayvlntrsg.

Go ahead and Better the World .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am extremely long-winded. It's a shame. I talk so freakin' much. That's a trait I find very unattractive, yet, I do it.

One year I had to deal with a teacher who worked my nerves. Her opinions seemed to be the only thing that mattered. She talked way too much. I could go on, but that was the past. At present I found a new giveaway.

The Pixel Boutique is having a really good, useful giveaway. The winner will receive a one year subscription to Carbonite, a completely automatic online backup system. So, if you never want to lose anything, well, almost anything again, enter.

I have to supply an anecdote. My computer hard drive has never crashed, and hopefully never will. Last year I was deeply depressed. For the past two or three years I had been storing my stories on a thumb drive. It was most convenient. One day the thing broke apart. I lost all my work. I never want that to happen again. Now I write my stories in a binder. No one can argue that word processing isn't more convenient. It would be nice to type up something, without having to worry about losing it forever. (What I wanted to write in the comments for my entry, but didn't for obvious reasons.)

Here's the link: Peace of Mind: A Giveaway - Ends Friday, May 22 at midnight

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is probably another reason why this blog may never be a book blog. I'm still sticking with it though.

Everytime I ask my brother in law, 'Why do you smoke?' he gives me the same answer, 'Because I can.' That is about one of the dumbest things. I really can't stand him some times. Now, on to a more important matter. Not that I don't care about his health, though I admit, not as much as my sister's and her childrens, it's just that he needs to take better care. They have two young children, and even though he doesn't smoke in the house, the residue can still lay in furniture and carpets.

I got him some of that nicotene gum, that's supposed to help, no good. He has to want to commit to the change. He has to want it. He doesn't. Smoking is like unprotected sex; we all know it's risky, but some of us feel like 'screw the consequences, just give me pleasure.' Since I don't smoke, and never have I, and hopefully, never will; the love of it is beyond me.

I remember when I was twelve, maybe. One day I just decided to get rid of my father's cigarettes. He always smoked. If he wasn't smoking, he was getting drunk. If he wasn't getting drunk, he was eating. If he wasn't eating, he was sleeping. If he wasn't sleeping, he was working. You get the point. He's a good man though. It's a shame he had to have a heart attack to quit smoking. Now, there are probably plenty of other things that factored in to that, but I won't get into specifics. You shouldn't have to have a heart attack, or something else awful happen for you to stop smoking. When he initially quit smoking, my father felt better. He got into shape for the first time; started exercising and just generally being more active. He has recently suffered a relapse - the exercising, not the smoking- but we're working on that.

If you quit smoking, you and your family will probably have a few less diseases to deal with. I know, not the most convincing argument.

Whether you can do better than this or not, head over to the site. They have a lot of tips.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What You Can Win By May 15, 2009

This isn't a whole lot, but these are a few things you can win, if you're eligible.

Chuck E. Cheese's Where A Kid Can Be A Kid Photo Contest - Today, May 11, 2009 - Just vote to see if you're instant winner.

Subscribers Contest Win $5 Cash - May 12, 2009 - Really self-explanatory, simply subscribe via email, and come back, and say "Hey, I entered the contest. Give me five dollars. " You might not want to say that, but that's all you have to do.

The Big Welcome from Hyatt - May 13, 2009 - This is an amazing prize. You have to be a Hyatt Gold Passport member, it's free. After you register, go to the site. Once you get there there are some questions that need to be answered. Don't worry, you can save and come back later if you have too. The Grand Prize is 365 Hyatt Gold Passport Free Night awards valid through June 30, 2014 at Hyatt Hotels worldwide of winner’s choice and 1 million frequent flyer airline miles to be applied to a Gold Passport travel partner program of winner’s choice, subject to the terms and conditions of the selected program. (They'll help the winner as much as possible with it's selection and paying off the taxes.)

Win Nickycakes’ 40″ Samsung 1080p LCD HDTV - Ends Midnight, May 15, 2009 - You have to follow him on twitter. Then you head on over to his site to get your own personalized link to the contest. After you get your link you twitter it. After the initial twitter you can do like I'm doing now. Place your link in as many places a possible. Having the most doesn't mean you'll win, but it increases the odds, I suppose. He clarifies things better on the site.

The Hunger Games Writing Contest - May 15, 2009 5 p.m. EST - How would you survive the Hunger Games? If you can answer that question in 500 words, or less, and meet all of the other eligibility requirements as well, you could walk away with a nice prize. There's an ARC of Catching Fire (Which I'm still hunting for by the way), An autographed copy of The Hunger Games, a mockingjay pin, and of course the chance to meet Suzanne Collins, all up for grabs. Enter Today.

Drive of Your Dreams Sweepstakes - May 15 , 2009 - There are two grand prizes that consist of: A trip to Birmingham, Alabama for winner and one guest to attend Porsche Sport Driving School North America. Includes hotel for four days/three nights; $200 in spending money; round trip air transportation and two (2) tickets to the Porsche Sport Driving School North America.

I'll be sure to gather as many of these as I can within the next few days for May 30, 2009.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love Hate Relationship - Giveaways

Sometimes I really have a love hate relationship with giveaways. I understand that it would take a very long time to read all the entries posted on a blog, but jeez, can't you read them. There are times when I get really creative. It doesn't matter because they are just going to go to, or whatever it is. When I have money or resources to have giveaways/contests etc. I will take the time to read comments. If it's done that way I'll have to put a cap on it at a certain amount though. Man, I wish I could have a giveaway. Oh well, maybe in the future.

Written after another defeat.

I want a Kindle 2, too

Enter Today
Ends on 6/1/09 at 11:59 pm PDT
Everybody is raving about the Kindle, Kindle 2, and now the Kindle DX. That's all fabulous. Now, where is my Kindle?
Yeah, you should really go and get a job if you want the gadget. That's hard to do if you are trying to save money for school. So, what I try to do is find Kindle contests/giveaways/
sweepstakes a few times a month. Well, a few times a week actually. They are sent to me via GoogleAlerts. Most of the time they arrive a little to late, or I simply don't check my email. Now I've gotten in the habit of using Twitter search. It doesn't always yield the results I want, but it's effecient enough.
To make a long story short. I want a Kindle 2, or Kindle DX. Again, I might win one if this What Would You Do 4 A Kindle 2? (WWYD4AK2?) Contest hosted by Bitten by Books goes well.

Need a babysitter? Use Sittercity

This site has probably been on the web for a while. I just didn't know it. Maybe I'll register at SitterCity.

I have been babysitting since I was ten. I know, that's a little too young, but I have. The only negative thing I have to say is that they all where family. Which means, that sometimes, when I should have insisted on payment, they (my siblings) ended up getting away for hours at a time for gratis. Now, that just sucks.

Since I'm going to college. A debate I had many times the past three years, I need money. Saving should have started years ago. I asked my mom why she didn't start a 529 or something like that. She gave me the Poor people's excuse, 'what money did we have to save,'and I couldn't argue that. I guess only saving $1000 after, how many years, isn't going to put a dent in tuition. Especially not at a private college. Even though we poor people, my parent's want me to go where I want to go. So, I'll be going. Hopefully, those scholarships will come pouring in. Not that I'm really exceptional or anything, but a girl can dream. If only my school had a tuition lock.

Summer on Blossom Street Sweepstakes

Summer on Blossom Street, is one of Debbie Macomber's new releases for this year. I haven't read any of her books yet. I plan on doing so soon.

This month she has a sweepstakes with a cash prize of $10,000. If you aren't fortunate enough to win that, you could instantly win a copy of the book.

Summer on Blossom Street Sweepstakes (Daily entry) - Ends Monday, June 22, 2009

If you don't already know, she has a monthly reader's contest (I don't think trivia's involved), for those who are in her guestbook. If you like reading, knitting, and maybe crocheting by chance, you might like it. Since I haven't read her novels yet, you might want to consult with someone else about that.

Monthly Reader's Contest (Once registered, automatically entered into all subsequent Monthly Reader's Contest) - Drawing to be held, Friday, May 29.

The grand prize winner in Debbie's May contest will receive an autographed, hardcover copy of Summer on Blossom Street and the companion Leisure Arts booklet, Knit Along with Debbie Macomber, Summer on Blossom Street. A beautiful folk art bird picture, tea light holder and Greenleaf Ginger Tea room spray top off this summer-themed prize package. Two other prize winners will each receive a Blossom Street book.

New Author, New book Giveaway

Isn't this cover beautiful?

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about writing a story that had to deal with Asia. I really like Asian culture. If I ever learn more about it, you know, other than what I read in manga and watch in anime, I might be able to write something. Yes, that is mostly Japanese, though.

There are probably plenty of minority authors in the U.S. Unfortunately, I don't think I support too many. Most of my books come from the library. Then my own collection is mostly classical literature, so, you get my point. Today, I came across, Cindy Pon. She just released her first novel, Silver Phoenix. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing it. In honor of the release she is having a giveaway. Depending on how many people enter, there will only be one winner.

The winner will have the choice between an original framed brush painting, done by Cindy, or a $100 gift card to a bookstore of your choice. No matter what they choose, a copy of Silver Phoenix will accompany the selection.

You get raffle tickets for entry into the giveaway, by promoting this through completing simple tasks. This post is one of two entries I plan on getting.

Now, that you know what's up, head on over to enter.
Silver Phoenix Contest - Ends Monday, June 8, 2009

Before I forget. She will ship anywhere.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Found three book giveaways + a camcorder contest

These giveaways are in the order I found them.

Authors Melissa Walker and Susane Colasanti have a pretty big giveaway going on this month. This month will be the release of a few of their books. In honor of that they'll be giving away some good stuff.

They both have a first and second place prize. I won't go into all the details, because they have a video they want you to watch. It's kinda funny to me, because of the subs. (You'll have to watch it, but you might not find it funny. )

Melissa is giving away a signed copy of her new book, Lovestruck Summer, and a special treat for some lucky person. Susane is giving away a signed copy of her new release, Waiting for You, and a something extra (It's a special permanent marker and John Mayer Official Fan Club Set List Journal).

The next giveaway I came across is being hosted on BookLuver-Carol's Reviews blog. She is giving away three Jennifer Echols books to one lucky winner.

Lastly, but not least -I know how cliche that is- Toni is giving away a Vado Pocket Camcorder. It looks really cute. Comment about the memory you wish you could have captured with the Vado Camcorder.

Well, that's it for now.

Here are the links and deadlines:

Walker & Colasanti Release Giveaway Until June 1st.
Jennifer Echols Book Giveaway Not sure when it ends actually. So, you might want to enter as soon as possible.
A Daily Dose of Toni Camcorder Contest Ends Monday, May 11, at noon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hunger Games Writing Contest

An update to a previous post.

The deadline to enter The Hunger Games contest is Friday, May 15, 2009 at 5 pm EST.

It must be nice to be between the ages of twelve and seventeen. I can't find an Advanced Reader's Copy of Catching Fire, to save me from the agony of patience. Being that it's Scholastic, I should have know in advance before I got my hopes up, that this contest wouldn't apply to me. Darn it. This really sucks, for me, and anyone else ineligible.

Hope you all, who can enter, win an ARC. Wish you the best.

If you are a little late learning about this, head over to to get the details.


A month or so after the new year started, I finally started my blog. Unfortunately, it didn't work out the way I planned. Maybe this little change will change that. My goal is to talk about things I know, and things I really like. I read at least three books a week, and am always trying to find more. Hopefully, I'll be able to actually get an ARC of something this year. Until then, I will began writing book reviews, and criticizing films, and society in general (If I'm up to it).

Another thing I really like is contests/giveaways/sweepstakes. I'll make an effort to include more of them on this blog.

Thank you to all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is late. I was unsuccessful at my attempts to obtain an ARC of Fragile Eternity. My father went to get it for me at the library today. So, I'm not entirely upset. I hope I can still find the other ARCs I'm looking for.

Found a new giveaway

I saw EA Sports Active in a Best Buy sale paper a couple of weeks ago, I think. It seemed like it might be nice. I thought the same thing about Wii Fit, but was unable to purchase it. Now, I might get a game just as good as it. Quirky Fusion has a nice giveaway going on. You have to comment about what you like about exergaming or an idea for a game. Then there are three opportunities for you to gain bonus entries.

Ends on April 30th.

See if you can win.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, I lied

The title of this blog is a misnomer, and very misleading. This is my first blog, so, I shouldn't expect perfection. Take into account my alreally less than average existence, it's a blessing I've managed to stay committed to it. See, that's something I can't stand. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and of course, doubt.

At first, I was like, it's okay if I don't have anyone following me, or commenting on my blog. The reality is I do want people to comment. I want some reassurance that outside my family someone else finds me slightly interesting enough to care to entertain me, even a little bit. So, where are you people? Is this blog so completely, devastatingly boring that no one would care to glance at it?

Well, that's my rant for the day. I guess I'll keep trying. This feels like school again though. You put in the effort, but people still don't get... let me stop. This isn't high school, and I'm not a little girl anymore.

The next book I will read (I haven't forgotten about my declaration.) in addition to all the others I am currently reading, is How To Win Friends & Influence People. I think one of his most famous quotes from the book goes something like this

You will make more friends being interested in other people than by trying to get other people interested in you.

Completely ruined that. Sure, I could have quoted that better, but I haven't read the book yet, nor do I care to go searching for it. My books aren't in order right now. Besides I should be hunting for my ARCS (Haven't gotten hold of any yet). Well, I really should be getting some rest. That's the real reason. I still want my ARCS.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

You shouldn't be ashamed of being a Twilight Fan

For some reason a lot of people do not like the Twilight Saga. You are more than welcome to feel that way. Whether you like the books or not, no one has the right to bash one another. Anyone can throw insults, if they choose, but I just don't see why. Be respectful.

Now on to what I wanted to talk about. I just found another, yes, another Twilight giveaway. Two actually, but I'll only talk about one for the moment. Over at Practically Sisters until April 14, tomorrow (sorry I just found it) to win a Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition DVD.

Good luck. Next time I'll try to find contests sooner.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Debbie's April Reader Contest

A friend recommended I read Doctor Texas. They didn't have it at my library; so, I decided to check out Debbie Macomber's website, and found a great prize. Since I like knitting this is an excellent find.

All you have to is sign her guestbook which will subscribe you to her newsletter.

Found the other day

I can't enter, but I'll find a way to get my hands on a copy. You might already know about this, but for those of you who don't, if you are between 12-17 you can win an ARC of Catching Fire among other great prizes.

Check out:

Good luck to all those who can participate.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still trying to find an ARC of Catching Fire - Among other things

I've finally convinced my mom to read something I like. We started reading The Hunger Games yesterday. I was so excited. She seemed to enjoy what we read.

I am still trying to get an ARC of Catching Fire and now The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma. (I had no idea that there was a third book coming out in the fall. Even though it's meant for children, I love that series.)

Lastly, I found a new giveaway.

From Sweeties "Free Stuff" Swag Blog

You don't have to be a movie star to get free swag!

Sweeties Swag is the place for the best free magazines, free samples, free coupons, free food, and saving money on shopping, travel, dining out and more.

It's a nice tote. Hopefully, it will go to a nice person. Speaking of totes, the last time I checked on the Purex Saves Green Contest/Sweepstakes, my tote design still hadn't been placed on the site. I had an email saying awaiting approval, but that was nearly five days ago. I know, I should be more patient. That's something I have to work on.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I don't care for apartment/loft life

People banging on the doors at 12:30 in the morning.

Knocking on your windows.

Loud talking.

Fights. Hearing everyone else's business.

This is the first time in my life that I haven't lived in a house. I know, some people can't even say that much, but still I've only been living like this for a week. It's a huge adjustment. Even though this place is new, you would think it's a fight club. There where, and still are hundreds of applicants wanting for this place, and some of the people here just don't care.

From what I know, the manager has already evicted quite a few people. I think she was in court again today, or at least that's what someone said. Now, that's just ridiculous. At the most you have lived here for a month. How can you get evicted.

That's not really any of my business. So, I will try to tread in another direction. Wait, I have one more grievance. The water does not get hot at all. To make matters worse if there's a leak, they turn everyones' water off. It took nearly two days for it to be turned back on.

It's a blessing not to have to pay $8-- dollars a month for rent. I'll try to appreciate that fact, and enjoy (maybe) this apartment/loft life.

Staying up late has benefits

I just found an amazing giveaway, but before I get into that I must say a few things. I started reading Pride & Prejudice the day before yesterday.

Before I found the 10 ARC Giveaway, I was on a quest to find Fragile Eternity and Catching Fire. Unfortunately, the ones I found where either already given away, or I wasn't eligible.

Back on track...

The Story Siren is celebrating it's 100,000 visitor by giving away 10 ARC to one lucky person.

Hurry you have until April 7th.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book Review (SORTA)

As I mentioned before I get most of my books from the library. A book I am really liking right now is, The Takers by R. W. Ridley. Before his Amazon Kindle 2 giveaway, I had never heard of him, or his work. I read the book, and I loved it. Which is a shock.

It is considered horror fiction. Everyone knows I hate horror. I won't go anywhere near Stephen King (Because of his book It, thanks King). So, it shocked me when I continued reading, and enjoyed it. While it may not scare some, it scared me.

I hate the whole end of the war scenario. That wasn't the case with The Takers. It is one of the most original things I have read so far this year. Give it a try.

Today's Discovery

It is truly a waste to have books and not read them. Does anyone ever look around their house and find books on shelves, or wherever they may be? If so, that is really sad. I am speaking mostly for myself, but that's the truth. Books are meant to be read. They can teach, inspire, excite.

With that in mind, I have decided to make a change. I will no longer let the books I have on my shelves and floor go neglected. This year I'm going to read. Last year, I simply borrowed from the library, a lot. My books have been neglected far too long.

This week, I think I am going to start with Pride & Prejudice. The first time I read it I was fifteen, or sixteen, and I just loved it. After seeing the film, The Jane Austen Book Club, it has inspired me to start with her work. This way I can finally put my birthday present Jane Austen Seven Novels, into good use.

Wish me luck.

Goal of Blog

This blog is flawed. Since it will never be perfect I'll just write what I want and when I want to. There is really no objective to all of this.

New Giveaway

One thing I really love are contests. While I don't win many, I hope that this time will be different. The other day I submitted an entry to win a folding bike. I believe I'm contestant # 8, and would appreciate it if you all voted for me. You can also enter by following the instructions.
Also, before I forget, in order to vote you have to sign up for the newsletter. Which isn't so bad. Voters get 5% off, if they purchase a bike by May 1st.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I like

I really like contests/sweepstakes. Who doesn't though? Now here's one I just came across today. At you can win $50 and a t-shirt. You should go to to get the rules. It ends on March 31.

‘Funny T-Shirts’

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thwarted By Procrastination

Once again I have missed out on a good opportunity. I attempted to enter this contest earlier, but no go. I submitted a comment as the rules had specified. I was surprised it didn't pop up at the bottom of the page. In this case they had sent a confirmation email. I didn't realize that that would grant my entry. Now I am ineligible. This really sucks. More incentive to actually do things when I'm supposed to, I guess.

Last year I received some rebate checks. I never got to get the money, because I had misplaced them. When I was going through some old mail I found them. Turns out I could have had $170 at my disposal. That is the most pathetic I have felt so far this year. At this moment I have decided I won't dwell on it. Instead I will refocus that energy, and put into a productive pursuit.

In My Top Five Scholarship Websites

This is unfortunate, but true. I believe it was either eighth grade or ninth when I registered for Fastweb, the first time. It is almost synonymous with scholarship search engine, because it is usually the first suggestion. For several years Fastweb was my primary source for scholarships. Then I came across scholarship points.

At you have the opportunity to earn points that go towards scholarship entries, by completing easy activities. That range from: sampling products, reading information (which can occasionally be funny), surveys, and things like this, promoting their site. It is the product of Edvisors Company, which provide several other helpful sites, and a lot of free, and very good information. I really like, because it’s simple. For the past 2 years I have been accruing points; I’m not in college yet so I can’t enter. Now I wouldn’t say that scholarshippoints is way better than FastWeb by any means, but I think that it is a close second, when you factor in all the goods.

There are a few things I really like, and others I don’t like at all. You don’t have to submit an essay with your entry. Instead of hashing out an essay it will cost you your time, which I assure you will not be wasted. The bad thing (isn’t too bad) about that is, you could be spending 50 points, and the winner could have spend only 10. Which doesn’t sound so bad, but it bothers me a little. I’ll get over it. Since I haven’t entered yet, it’s simply my take. They say the more points you earn the greater your chances, but there are some things I don’t like leaving up to chance. I never would have thought that I would think not having to submit an essay as a bad thing. At least when you submit an essay there is a greater chance of being selected (okay, a small margin), because it’s based on something, but let me stop before they make that mandatory.

Then there is the matter of not being about to transfer points. Points are non-transferable. My sister is in school right now, and works full-time at the hospital. As much as I would like to help her, I can’t. They make it pretty clear that your points are your own.

Besides the information and other offerings; there is one thing I can’t wait to see if I get the chance to enjoy. Winning. Since the scholarship drawings are random, I hope I win, because if you win once you can win again, which is acceptable.

You can get a better idea of what I’m talking about at

Not Entirely Decided

Keeping a journal, let alone a commitment, is something I have never really done. So why have I created a blog? I am not entirely sure. I don't even know if I will be able to contribute to this on a regular basis. The things I enter might be really boring, and don't expect many, if any, to follow me; this just seems like it could be a good thing.

Hopefully, I will be able to Be More Than Average in the future. I have never excelled at anything. Even when I did participate in school activities like sports, I was always the one being yelled at, "_______, you suck." So my goal is to become a better person. A holistic change is what I am going for. After I do some things I have been putting off for weeks now I will probably come back with further details.

Have an excellent day.