Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really want a Kindle

When it comes to contests. Which if you haven't noticed is one of my main hobbies; I'm usually too late, or don't have the means to enter them. Like this one they are having over at Engadget, who have partnered with Amazon and Adafruit Industries to give you the chance to win your own personalized Kindle.

It's pretty much an etch-a-sketch on the back of it. The Kindle is something I've been coveting (know I shouldn't) for months now. My mother refuses to let me purchase books, because I don't have any room for them. I am going to get ride of some, eventually.

Now, I read the entire article. It isn't showing me any love. I'm an artist, but I guess I don't have the means to enter. The entries have to be saved in EPS or Al format, black and white only, and composed of strictly vector graphics and all fonts converted to curves. Before yesterday, I had never heard - that I can recall - of any of that. I'm not a graphic artist.

I scoured the World Wide Web trying to find a free resource. I came across Inkscape, but it only saves in AVG format. Even if I found something the contest ends in a week.

All you graphic artists or people with the means should enter.

If you know of a free program that will let me save in EPS or Al format, tell me. Thanks and Good Luck (not that I believe in that). I believe in you all, though.


Design Your Own Kindle (and win it) - Ends Friday, July 24, 200, at 11:59 ET
Extra Entries: No, you can only enter once.

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