Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am extremely long-winded. It's a shame. I talk so freakin' much. That's a trait I find very unattractive, yet, I do it.

One year I had to deal with a teacher who worked my nerves. Her opinions seemed to be the only thing that mattered. She talked way too much. I could go on, but that was the past. At present I found a new giveaway.

The Pixel Boutique is having a really good, useful giveaway. The winner will receive a one year subscription to Carbonite, a completely automatic online backup system. So, if you never want to lose anything, well, almost anything again, enter.

I have to supply an anecdote. My computer hard drive has never crashed, and hopefully never will. Last year I was deeply depressed. For the past two or three years I had been storing my stories on a thumb drive. It was most convenient. One day the thing broke apart. I lost all my work. I never want that to happen again. Now I write my stories in a binder. No one can argue that word processing isn't more convenient. It would be nice to type up something, without having to worry about losing it forever. (What I wanted to write in the comments for my entry, but didn't for obvious reasons.)

Here's the link: Peace of Mind: A Giveaway - Ends Friday, May 22 at midnight

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