Friday, June 26, 2009

Randumb Kayla

I may not be brilliant, but I can be very ingenious.

From my writing I have noticed two things; I love saying 'I' and use but quite frequently. That doesn't really surprise me, considering the fact that I use the letter A (my form of cursing) which is the equivalent of A-S-S, quite frequently, despite my parents insisting on me not doing so. Can help it, but choose not to. Blame it on habit. Practice something enough, it's almost hard not to do.

You may never get to really know me, because I'm not too open. However, I am quite honest. There aren't many things I won't be truthful about. Has it's benefits, sometimes, but (yes, used it again) can also be a pain in my A.

Now this is what this post is about:

I have changed it, yet again. This time I have decided to put more of myself in it. More of my honesty. More of all the things I like, because, quite frankly it sucked before. If you know what to expect, then maybe you'll stick around. I'm just doing what makes me happy. Which is talking, entering contests, admiring beautiful things (not obsessing, unless it's a hot guy I know), photography, architecture (especially old homes), family and friends, art, and a bunch of other things I may not know that much about, but (again) like none the less.

By the way, I'm full of a lot of things, including myself (it shows more in my writing, not so much in my actions). I don't think I'm a B (B*tch) though. It's just that I know me, not as well as I like, still, I know myself better than practically anything else. Hopefully, that won't be a turn off.

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