Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is probably another reason why this blog may never be a book blog. I'm still sticking with it though.

Everytime I ask my brother in law, 'Why do you smoke?' he gives me the same answer, 'Because I can.' That is about one of the dumbest things. I really can't stand him some times. Now, on to a more important matter. Not that I don't care about his health, though I admit, not as much as my sister's and her childrens, it's just that he needs to take better care. They have two young children, and even though he doesn't smoke in the house, the residue can still lay in furniture and carpets.

I got him some of that nicotene gum, that's supposed to help, no good. He has to want to commit to the change. He has to want it. He doesn't. Smoking is like unprotected sex; we all know it's risky, but some of us feel like 'screw the consequences, just give me pleasure.' Since I don't smoke, and never have I, and hopefully, never will; the love of it is beyond me.

I remember when I was twelve, maybe. One day I just decided to get rid of my father's cigarettes. He always smoked. If he wasn't smoking, he was getting drunk. If he wasn't getting drunk, he was eating. If he wasn't eating, he was sleeping. If he wasn't sleeping, he was working. You get the point. He's a good man though. It's a shame he had to have a heart attack to quit smoking. Now, there are probably plenty of other things that factored in to that, but I won't get into specifics. You shouldn't have to have a heart attack, or something else awful happen for you to stop smoking. When he initially quit smoking, my father felt better. He got into shape for the first time; started exercising and just generally being more active. He has recently suffered a relapse - the exercising, not the smoking- but we're working on that.

If you quit smoking, you and your family will probably have a few less diseases to deal with. I know, not the most convincing argument.

Whether you can do better than this or not, head over to the site. They have a lot of tips.

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