Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day Debacle

Technically, this didn't occur on Father's Day. It was the following Tuesday. The reason I'm telling you about what happened then will be made clear shortly.

My sister-in-law bought my brother a late Father's Day gift. It didn't really matter, because he doesn't care too much for the holiday. (Guess he got that from Dad.) She handed him a blender.

Now the specifications are unclear, but it was high quality. He just dotted on it. They decided the very day they got it to make smoothies. No need to say, try to make, because what they made shouldn't even count as an attempt.

A strawberry and banana smoothie sounds good to anyone who likes those fruits, at first. If you tasted their misguided attempt, you'd probably never want to touch a banana in your life. That's it, banana, that is all the concoction smelt and tasted of. Then, they decided to pour snow cone juice, just because it's strawberry flavor in. Then, some cranberry-apple juice. All of that without measuring. Maybe, if they had had a book they could have pulled a semblance of a smoothie, but no such luck.

Point of post. They need a book.

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